Tuesday, November 25, 2014


Hi Lovelies.

Same as yesterday, my day has began on a stressful note. Am up at this weird hour..why? Assignments. Yes, am a bit of a drag when it comes to assignments. 

To get my 'mojo' going, why not do a sure that will leave me in better spirits. And hopefully, everyone else who will read this.

[Photos by Kevin Cheptala]

After almost two weeks of #MyDressMyChoice, and the series of women being stripped, I suddenly found myself in a weird position with all my short clothes.

Actually, last week on Monday,I was late to class simply because I could not walk out of the house with my legs staring right back at me. Too make matters worse, I happened to have a very high affinity to all my short dresses on that day.

My small sister was not making things better when she saw me in my first outfit and asked 'Are you sure you won't be stripped?'. That was the last blow. I suddenly realized that if a 10 year old was suddenly scrutinizing my outfit, any shameless,idle man wasn't going to think twice about taking action.

I cant even remember what I ended up wearing....

So, one week after, am slightly over my phobia of short skirts and dresses....halfway though.

I wore this outfit yesterday to class. This time, I was not mind was made up. 

It is a short skirt, but it is my choice.....and I felt great in it.

I have been wanting (excuse the grammar) to wear this outfit for so be precise, since September when this belt arrived, thanks to UKDUKAS.

However, when I first thought about it, I hadn't planned on covering my legs that much, just the lace up boots (no stockings).

I just love these boots, also worn here . They fun and chic they go with everything in my closet. 
(check them out in the other post and tell me which way you would rather wear them- folded or all the way up)

This leopard print top was my best choice for this outfit. 

This layered lace skirt is actually a DIY piece. It was once a halter top. As an entrepreneur, I was selling it, but it was not going as fast as the rest. One day my Mum suggested that I have the bustier taken off ,which I did.

And just like that, I had myself a lace skirt.

Wish this image was clearer.
Anyhu, I went with this orange and gold neck-piece. I wasn't in so many colors so why not go the orange way.

Leopard print top - gikomba
Lace skirt - gikomba/ DIY
Navy blue jacket with gold buttons- thrifted randomly
Lace up boots - also worn here
Gold belt - UKDUKAS
Black Stockings - Gifted

Look out for the next post soon.

Have a great time till then. 

Thanks for stopping by,



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  1. Hahhahahahabahaha dont worry assignments are life draining... good look btw

  2. Haha you are funny ��this post defo made me laugh
    Oh yea? ukdukas is safe? Wow

    1. Thanks Rhee.
      Ukdukas is safe, n the products arrive in time.