Monday, November 10, 2014


Hello beautiful people, hope u had a great weekend.....and a good start on your week.

Mine started on a low note....thanks to the abrupt weather change. For that reason I didn't have the right energy to take pictures of my outfit today. But no worries, I'll be better prepared tomorrow. 
For now though,I'll just make a post on my final day during the School trip #Travel Diaries.

The final day was the return journey with a slight detour to Taita hills. I wasn't so excited by taking photos, so this post will be a  bit shorter than usual.

And behold, Sarova Saltlick. 
For anyone who doesn't understand my excitement with the hotel, this post was meant for you.
Anyone who has been to Sarova Saltlick or has seen the images knows what am talking about.
 The architecture will simply drop your jaw open....literally. Personally, am intrigued by such...which explains 90% of my excitement.
 I love architecture, the reason why, just like everyone else I want to visit the eiffel tower, and the great wall of china and many more sights to behold.

This is one half of the hotel. Let the beauty take you away. Just imagine the view from the rooms, watching the wildlife fro the comforts of your bed and other elements of the 21st century civilization...who doesn't want that? (rhetorical).

On this day  I decided to go all casual, just the girl next door.

For those who are wondering, the other 10% of my excitement can be attributed to my outfit. 
The crop top was my favorite. I like to call it a brallete....would you beleive I got it for 10bob...huh! Need i say 'worth every penny'(shilling) or more.

I also liked the plaid shirt. Its one of my favorites this year, I can wear it in so many different ways...never bores me.

I had not planned on taking a photo right in front of that plaque....but I ended up doing it, with my friend Janet. I love her look on that photo.....those moments captured totally unawares.

Plaid shirt - Gikomba
Silver bralette  - Thrifed
Black tights - Thrifted
Plaid shoes - Thrifted  
(Yea, told you I love a bargain...almost all my clothes are thrifed.)

Well, that's all I have for you guys today.

Be sure to look out for more as from tomorrow. Am finally in sync with the city life (being away always has me disoriented for a while).



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