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                         Hi y'all.
 Hoping that you having a great week. Mine is just least I get to post something and let you into my small world.

In continuum (yes, can't believe am still watching that series. At season 3 and still going strong) of the travel diaries series, today i'll talk about day 3 of my school trip.
The trip was almost coming to an end. Funny enough, this had to be my best day on the trip. I woke up that morning in a great mood and just wanted to be happy, simple, young and free. 

My outfit combination was just as simple as they get. An off shoulder tee, a pair of green wash tights,  and plaid sneakers. I finished off the look with a turban, something I rarely do, but which I should do more often.

There was lots of print going on for me and I din't give a care in the world...I actually loved the look.  I din't do much accessories, and had this dark maroon lip color which I love very much. 

This was at the entrance of Tsavo West National park. 
They have an educational center where you can familiarize yourself with some of the wildlife species found there. This makes your experience better cause you embark on a game drive with some knowledge on what to look out for while in the park.

Tsavo West National Park is quite huge and diverse, we spent over half a day just touring various sites within the park.

A common zebra we viewed on the game drive. Notice the red soil in the park. It actually gives the animals a different appearance from those in other parts/regions of the country.

 This is not as comfortable as it looks. Am seated on some lava rocks at Mashetani lava (still in Tsavo West). 

We had an educational talk before we ventured into the park. From the talk, I gathered that this Mashetani lava spreads 8 Km long / 5 m deep and is one of the youngest lava activity in the world. I bet you didn't know that.....glad I enlightened you.

Part of Mzima's bigger than it looks here. Hosts blue fish, Nile crocodiles and hippos.

After the lava site, we left for Mzima springs. This was the highlight of the game drive. There is so much serenity at this place, its just so hard not to be calm, happy and photogenic* (speaking on just my behalf and several others who felt this effect).

Clearly, the tranquility at Mzima springs had me in all the right poses for the camera #model-fierceness (a girl can surely dream).

It even had me smiling. I rarely do that for photos...but generally, I smile a lot on a day to day basis.

Felt 'like a boy', why not pose in a 'feminine boyish manner'.

A Masai giraffe we spotted...looking so peaceful.

Finally, we had this hill, can't even remember the name. On a normal day, it would have been amazing and spectacular to watch. On this day, it was about climbing it (ha ha don't even want to know how drastically my moods went down).  

First, am a little phobic of heights (was in no mood to overcome that fear). Secondly, the sun was scotching hot. The circumstances were just not in my favor.

So, I stuck to what I do best, something less exhausting.....a safe distance from the foot of the hill.

Black tee - Thrifted
Wash tights - Local vendor
Plaid sneakers - Thrifted

Hope this series is encouraging you to travel and Tembea Kenya. It is an amazing country, and it's our country, you should at least travel around once in a while.

To any foreigners reading this, all I can say is "KARIBU KENYA".

Lovely talking to y'all and thanks for stopping by.



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  1. NICE ONE LINET. You missed to mention MAJASHO...LOL
    Keep up the good job classmate.

    1. Thanks for visiting professor.
      #Majasho is a memory I don't want to recall. Twas a fun weekend though.

  2. Brilliant I love being part of it.