Tuesday, November 11, 2014


 Hi y'all lovelies,
My post today is an outburst on the war I declare with the cold. All my cold gear is ready to get me through this 'tough' weather.

 This war was officially declared yesterday when the weather pulled a surprise on me. I am nursing a cold for that. 
It was not exactly a case of 'freeze n shine'. Lets just say that I was not adequately prepared for the cold and rain showers. It's always so hard to transition from the warm sunshine, right?

Funny enough though, I was excited to reach for my scarves, boots, coats and trenches from hiding. They occupy so much space, so when the cold season is over I just keep them away to create space for summer clothes.

So today I woke up prepared, with all the right gear. 
I paired this over sized tee with my black skinnies (a simple outfit which would work on a sunny day). I layered it with a scarf, an atmosphere trench, and these boots that I love so much(cause they were my 2nd pair, I never tire of them).

The trench is not featured here, reason- the photos were taken past mid-day when the sun had decided to show up.

Couldn't resist featuring this midi ring...Love it. And the infinity scarf too, i bought it earlier this Gikomba....yea,get used to that. Gikomba is my no. 1 thrift market in Kenya.

And yes, I had a new hairdo over the weekend....goodbye to bad hair least for now. I have to admit that hair is quite a challenge for me, I have come close to cutting my hair short more often than not (not that I would)....yep, that's how tough decision making is for me when it comes to hair........and yet it seems so easy for everyone else. 
Someone please tell me the secret.

Enough with the complaints, I love this hair, quite easy to take care of....and it kinda gives me a different personality (once in a while).

 I hope you all had a better start at the week than I did. For those having problems with cold season clothes, I would advice you to buy them much earlier.

As for me, I would never leave boots, or trench coats. I'll even buy them off the road under the scotching sun, when people wonder if you crazy for buying heavy clothes in the sunny weather. But it's always a worthwhile investment.

Over the years it has worked for me. You will almost get them at a throw away price if you are lucky...mine go for as little as 60Kshs..won't say which.

H&M Infinity scarf -Gikomba
Purple tee - Thrifted
Black Skinnies - also worn here
Boots - Gikomba
Midi rings - Dubois road,Nairobi

Thanks to my friend Mercy for the photos...great job.

That's all for today lovelies.
Next post coming up soon.
As always, thanks for taking time to read through.



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  1. that ring!!!! totally making my way to Dubois!!lol