Saturday, April 18, 2015

Hello muffins,

As promised, here is a post on where to stay while in the Masai Mara.

There are several types of accomodation found out here in the wild...Tented camps, lodges, campsites and private houses. However, we managed to visit only two types as you'll see in the post.

It is quite a long post, but please bear with me...the pictures will be worth your time.

Have a good read, and remember to share this post. 


(Tented Camp) 

Find more details at

I have to admit that Sarova Mara did surprise me. I did like the entire Serenity & tranquility of the place. Each Tent is individually located which makes each one of them very unique because they all have a different view. 

 They have blended in the Masai Beadwork into the architecture. These are the poles at the gate.

The bed in a Club Tent.

Don't you just love this's so beautiful.

The little crafts that are beautiful yet functional in the tent.

Study table.

The bed in the Standard Tent.

Fruit galore at the dining area.

Vast and beautiful grounds.

Whats a Safari without a bonfire?


(Tented Camp)

Find more details at

Basecamp is an ecological tented camp. This means that all their activities are based on conserving the environment around them. It provides very basic accomodation so as to give you a really close feel of nature. 

They also have a project to empower the Maasai women through  beadwork accessories. It's called Basecamp Maasai Brand, you can find their finished products at , or even better have yours customised. 

Basecamp prides itself in tree planting. For this reason, the grounds are covered in well natured can almost feel the fresh air from this picture..right?

Tented Lounge. You can have a good read from the book collection here.

View of the tents from the walk way.

Inside the restaurant.

Restaurant from the outside.

You do see that built part right there on the overlooks Talek river and the vast plains of the Mara.  And guess what, you can have your meals served there....perfect.

The board walk. The courage it took me to get to the other end...It connects the Basecamp grounds to the plains since Talek River cuts through. 

See how nature friendly this tent is...nothing fancy. Just a roof over your head.....not much distance between you and mother nature.

Part of the tent overlooking the river.
Unfortunately I didn't take pictures of the inside...but if I do get some from my friends I'll update this post to include it.



Find more details at

Now, I don't mean to be biased but I have a soft spot for Mara Serena. The architecture is so beautiful and the pictures below will show you that. Or maybe it's how colorful the rooms are...just know that I really love it.

The Serena group of hotels have a way of blending their lodges in with the culture they are located in. If you don't believe me, check out Amboseli Serena and Serena Lake Manyara (Tanzania)
In the Mara, they have used the Manyatta design (traditional Maasai houses).

This is one of my favorites...the view deck.

View of the rooms from the deck.

Not so sure where this was but it just had me like..'point and shoot'. 
But I bet it's the entrance to the dining area from the rooms.

I could wait here forever..ok, maybe not forever. But its a beautiful 'waiting area'.

The rooms. We viewed a twin room. You can go with your friends and still be comfortable. 

The rooms are very detailed. Plus the mirrors give a more detailed perspective.

More Mirror views.

This is the view you get while in bed. The study table.

There is a balcony area within the rooms which overlooks the wild. 

The rooms are in two distinct rows facing each other.

The dining area.

It was raining by the time we left, so I took this pic of the swimming pool from the dining area.

Now you have an idea on where to stay when you visit the Mara. Whatever experience you are looking for, there is a place to stay that will meet your needs.

Hope you had a good read loves,

Have a good time planning for your next vacation.

Much Love,


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  5. Omg ma!! This photos are so good! Why you not in them! Would have made such a nice background to an amazing outfit!

    1. Thanks love. This time round I was behind the Camera cause I had specifics that I wanted to showcase on the blog. But you can look out for the outfit posts on what I wore while taking the pictures.

      Thanks for stopping by.

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    1. Thank you Vanessa, have a lovely weekend too.