Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Good morning lovelies.
Hope you are having a great week. I have finally found the energy to make this post. After a long day yesterday, I was too tired to post in the evening.

This outfit is close to my heart, mainly because I loved how very feminine it felt.
(photos taken by Kevin Cheptala)

I had attended the Absolut Mixology contest held at Aqua Blue Lounge, hence the drink in the middle of the day.....(don't judge, there was lots of tasting involved).

A close friend of mine was in the contest, (couldn't miss it for the world).

I went with this maroon full skirt (thrifted of-course). 
Pairing it with black was my simplest option, simply because I had changed from monochrome colors to print tops and realized that it could take me all day to feel comfortable in any of them.

On my way to town, I couldn't help but listen to the conversation on the radio.

 They were talking about stripping women for being in 'skimpy' clothes. In a span of one week, three women have been stripped for wearing short skirts and the likes.
I was glad to be in this 'old skul' skirt, which put me in the decent category.

Anyhow, I don't think I will ever understand how a woman in a skirt gets stripped for that. At the end of the day, its just your life, and you have a right to the simplest of decisions like what you are going to wear.

For lack of a neck-piece that excited me enough (working with this skirt had me on my toes), I went with this simple scarf. it reflected both colors.

Loved this pose, felt so Cinderella-ish.

It took some sunlight to remind me that it was still daytime.

I bought these shoes two years ago, and wore them once. My interest in them has just been recently rekindled. I like how edgy they make my outfits look.

Maroon full skirt - Gikomba
Black top - raided from moms closet
Black shoes - old
Scarf - Thrifted randomly

Have a fabulous week ahead everyone.



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  1. You look pretty and your outfit is so lovely,simple but trendy think all beautiful women should give that look a try.its amazingly lovely

  2. shut up!!!thats a gikomba skirt???take me with you lol!!
    u look amazing

    1. Would you imagine. Some guy almost' stripped' it off me ryt there.
      #Thrift escapades.

  3. the high school I attended has that same skirt for a uniform..only urs is more fitting of course...Ur working it quite well I must say..cheers!

    1. Thanks doll. High school never brings out the best in clothes...that's a fact.

  4. that skirt so cool, i thought it was a custom made piece, love it :)

    1. Thanks gal...I should do 'custom made' some day.

  5. very pretty skirt and stylish look