Monday, November 17, 2014


of white and stripes

I woke up this day feeling very artistic hence the white theme.
I just felt like having fun with color, and there I couldn,t think of any other color that's so basic and just inspires art. That,s why I went with with white.

Don't get me wrong, white is a very tricky color as compared to black and others. Main reason for me being how conscious it makes one feel. On the brighter side, its fun, bright, and makes you stand out.

After picking out the plain white trouser, the rest was easy to throw on.
It was like working with a plain canvas, it just inspires you to go different.

 I had a variety of striped tops to go with but this worked best,half the rest were crop tops (was't in a mood for that).

 Having established my main theme [stripes and white], I picked out red for the accessories....and the shoes.

Am sure you are wondering how orange fits in the whole picture.....I have no answer for that. I did not plan for that part.

The red Masai neck-piece is a souvenir from Amboseli. It was the first accessory I picked, it goes well with everything, plus I had red shoes to go with it [quite the coincidence].

Loved this pose. It bring out everything in the best light possible.

I rarely wear these shoes, I had bought them for my internship months ago.

Am surprised at how pretty they look [I especially love the bow]. Maybe I should wear them more often.

With this post, I hope I have inspired you all to play around with your outfits.
Its not every day that we have to put so much thought into what we wear, once in a while, random also works.

Striped top - Gikomba
White trouser- Gikomba
Red Shoes - Streets of Nairobi

Thank you for stopping by.
Have a great week ahead, pick out your plain canvas piece and just go different.



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  1. your gikomba escapades are yielding so many amazing bunch of clothes

    1. Yes they are, I am almost becoming a guide to the place.
      Thanks for stopping by.