Friday, November 07, 2014

DAY 2: 



Hi beautiful people.
Hope you are enjoying this travel series so far. This is day 2 of my school trip.

After a long day in Amboseli, we slept at Loitoktok. We had been told that the view of Mt. Kilimanjaro early in the morning was just did not disappoint.

The morning of day 2 started early and we woke up to the mountain towering above us, so majestic.

However, I had not been aware of where we would sleep and therefore almost had a total outfit change. I had planned on wearing this beige playsuit and whatever makes Linet happy is not up for doubts.

Therefore, despite a few worries about the length of the playsuit in that civilization, i had a great day. 

After breakfast, i had these pics taken mostly because of how beautiful the mountain looked. It just felt good to capture this memory (priceless), it was so peaceful and calming.

Mawenzi peak

Kibo Peak. The tallest and generally the face of this mountain to most people around the world. Notice the diminishing ice caps, blame it on global warming.

Mt. Kilimanjaro has three peaks. Kibo, Mawenzi and Shira in order of height.

Started off in my super warm jungle green fur coat, there was a cold breeze.
I purchased this necklace from some Masai women the previous day at the Amboseli entrance (Iremito Gate). I could not get them to admit that the brown tu-things were seeds (I would have felt better if they were). Anyway, it was worth the bargain.

It felt easier to go with these beige sandals. Generally, am not a sandals person but I liked the simplicity about them and the embroidery on the strap, feels Indian.

Loved this one, cant do anything about the background though (wish I could).
The zip detail on the front of the playsuit was a much needed bonus. Anyone who has worn one knows how it can have you at a disadvantage when using the washrooms. The zip made that option viable for me.
 We then left for Kimana Wildlife Sanctuary. It is a community based project  meant to reclaim the lost glory of what was once a great attraction. It has created lots of employment for the local Masai community....kudos to the management.

Unfortunately for us, they does not allow any game drives at the moment. Reason, they have given the land 1 year or so since March 2014 to regenerate itself and be suitable for wildlife. To achieve this, they can't have vehicles and people destructing the eco-system. Baby steps for them. Next year though, they will be in a better position to allow game viewing.

At Kimana. 
The dust from the wind storm got me in these sunglasses. There wasn't much need for them before that.

However, our little time there was not uneventful. We watched this huge tree fall right in front of us courtesy of a wind storm. It was amusing at first till we realized that we were standing below another tree and it was slight chaos as every one ran to clear grounds for safety.

 Our day was almost over, but we had a long way to Chyulu hills. We arrived there a little before sunset. Same as Kimana, we could not have a game drive here cause it was late and the rough terrain only allows for 4WD vehicles not a college bus full of students.

This seat at the reception area  in Chyulu hills was the best prop I could get, plus I was feeling a little lazy to be standing.

And yes, I was in gold lip color although now it looks shiny and nude. Was just experimenting and having fun with it.

I had realized that almost always, I forget to get a back view of my outfits. I tried with this one.

Play suit - Thrifted
Beige sandals - Borrowed from mums'
Necklace - Amboseli
Jungle green fur jacket - Also worn here

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  1. newbie here!!!
    the thrift is the shizzles :)

    1. What can I say, av been thrifting since I was 9. Can't stop.