Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hi beautiful people,

In my moment of utter bliss, I have decided to spread the happiness by making this post.

Am sure most of you are wondering what the milestones are. First, my 2nd month of blogging is almost over. Second, I managed to hit 10 posts in the same month. That has me pretty excited. To top it all off, this last post is about an outfit with which I have shared a long journey.

Cheers to you all my beloved readers, as I celebrate this milestone....the first of many.

I wore this outfit yesterday. I had to literally calm myself so as not to post about it when I got home. 

On this bright afternoon today, am very much composed to make this post worth your time....Yesterday I'd just have blabbed about lots of things.

First, I pay tribute to this Yellow clutch bag. I collected [I say collect because I got it at a throwaway price] it In Gikomba for 100Ksh. What intrigued me most about it,is the color and the fact that it's made of some material that feels like a blanket...I love weird once in a while.

 This picture is one of my favorite. It's meant for someone, they know what to look for. For everyone else, just like it.

I went with silver nail polish for this one. Am having a hard time dealing with my nails without henna. My nails are very brittle, they break so often and I can't keep them long. Therefore, I resulted to henna and for the last 15 months, I always have henna on my nails.  For now though, Luron nail polish are my favorite play toys.

This floral set was one a dress, a midi-pleated dress. I loved the shoulders and the floral prints. I bought the dress sometime last year, back when I used to visit Gikomba even twice a week..habits of a thrift shopper .

I wore the dress only once, to church...but that didn't work well for me.

So I had the skirt detached from the top. Din't do much with the top since it had become  a crop top. For the skirt, I had a pencil skirt made from it with a small detail on the waist.

I've worn the two pieces before as separates. Crop top also worn here.

And that's my journey with this outfit.

One year after, I can now wear my florals as one. 

 From the looks of it, this is one picture heavy post....bear with me. It took me quite some time to decide on which pictures to use.

Forgive the background too, there's only so much I could crop out of the images.

Loved this one too. I bought these lime green, pearl earrings same time last year in preparation for the day I would wear the dress..I was very excited with this dress, too bad I ended up disappointed. 

But who are we not to accept change, look how good the dress turned out after the changes.

 There are only two things I can talk about on this picture, the ring and the shoes. I'll go with the ring first. I love its design, the silverness and how good it looks on my hands. Plus I was in a big mood to contrast gold and silver.....big on breaking rules every now and then.

Now to the shoes. Amen to color black. Black is just heaven sent for me. The most obvious reason is it's slimming effect [for fabrics]...every woman knows and loves that. The other reason is it's ability to brighten your skin color.  

Since I was showing little bit of skin on this occasion, these shoes were perfect. They are very girlie, comfortable and [wait for it] very black.

This picture captures how I felt....It says it all.

Sunlight always bring out the good in images....I am slowly learning the art of photography.

By now you know how much I love dark lip color....the darker, the better for me. 

Am always talking when I have these photos taken...can't explain why.

You should all congratulate me on this one. I almost always forget to capture the back view of my outfits...I deeply regret that. This one time, I remembered....yeeeeeeey.

That's all for today loves.

Thanks to my friend Mercy for the photos.

Floral skirt & Crop top - Gikomba / DIY
Shoes - Thrifted randomly
Silver ring - Dubois Rd
Lime green, pearl earrings - Thrifted randomly
Yellow Clutch bag - Gikomba.

Thanks for stopping by.

I take a moment to thank you all for the great month it has been....You have all shown me the much needed support and am grateful for that.



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  1. I love what you did with the dress it looks amazing. I love it love it love it.

    1. I'm with you on the challenge it gave me. Thanks.


    1. You have yourself a new visitor for your blog.

  3. i cannot wait to finish exams...i am heading to gikomba!that bag girl :)

    1. Gikomba never disappoints...can't wait to see what you bring back.

  4. Love it, gikomba is like a small heaven lol

    1. It definitely is...makes a gal happy every single time.