Morning beautiful people,

After just two weeks of blogging, i am amazed at just how fast am learning. And to imagine that it took me almost two months to make my first about indecisiveness. Anyway, am here now, making my fourth post, and am enjoying every moment.

If you are having problems making your first post just like i did, just take that first step , its always the hardest but you won't regret it.

In the same spirit I decided to recap my October outfits (the best of course) and revisit those moments of happiness and bliss (yea, the unspoken feelings b2n a girl and her clothes).

Whatever order i choose to follow onward, this has to be the best of them all. 
I totally dig everything about this outfit, that's the best part.

Now i remember this day. I was high on bliss thanks to that slight detail on my right foot(glad u noticed). Clearly,small details like that 'toe thong' (funny, blame whoever came up with that name) right there can skyrocket your outfit. 
For me, it did wonders, i had several stares along the streets that day, til my friend asked me if there was xth wrong : ).
Would you believe that it is a simple chain twisted all the way up to my ankle, i bet that blew your minds. (One of my best DIYs so far)
2nd thing i loved about this was the color combination. And lastly the hair, it brought out some fierceness.

Never mind the background. In fact, pay no attention to it.
This outfit was all about feeling as girly as possible. Judging from the smile, it worked.
The crop top is a semi-DIY.....It came from a dress. The idea was to make a skirt and crop top which can be worn together and separately (separately worked better).

Cant help but smile at the memory of this one.
I loved the color splash I had going on (told you i love adding color to this world), a gal can't pass on a moment to shine in neon polish,right?
I was in boots that day, they deserve a post on their own (that's how much i love them).
This also falls into the #inlovewithmyhair category. That was me getting through not just a bad hair day but a bad hair week, loved it though.....thanks mum 4 braiding my hair.

This was featured in my last post.
It was my definition of simple, hope i got it right.
Either way, it did make a really blue Monday a bright one worth remembering.

Talk soon lovelies, as always enjoy every moment.





Morning lovelies, hoping your week so far has been much more enjoyable than mine.

I have had a really busy day with school and assignments so i haven't had much time left to post.

Couldn't help sharing this outfit that I wore on Monday to school. The Monday blues( Monday being a Monday, iced with an exam later in the day) almost brought me down but this simple look had me in a good mood all day.

This outfit had me in high spirits, and I can't emphasize enough on the need to be in flattering clothes everyday, it can change a lot of things.

I love everything about this dress. It is simple and loose fitting which makes it different from most of my other dresses which are body hugging. Its fabric was perfect for the warm weather, kept me cool and refreshed. The length was also a bonus for me, it was comfortable enough and gave me the illusion that i wasn't showing too much skin.

I decided to go all white with the accessories. It was so easy to pull off cause it brightened up the dress.

Now to the shoes, don't i just love them. These lace-up boots are one of my best buys this year. They came cheap and have a very comfortable heel. They were worth the hustle and I love them to bits.

Navy blue dress - Thrifted
Lace-up boots - Gikomba
Envelope bag - Muthurwa
White maasai beaded necklace - Streets on Nairobi

 Once again, thanks to Kevin Cheptala for the pics, they get better with each passing day.

Thanks y'all for stopping by, your presence here is highly appreciated.




Hi everyone.

Hoping that you have had a great week since i last posted.

Personally i have been well.

I am very much excited to make this post since it is one of my favorites. I wore it to school last week. It's the basic LBD with a little twist that i liked. The dress has some leather detail, so i went simple with the accessories (or not).

It was a very cold day and this jungle green coat with some touch of fur kept me warm. I wasn't so sure when i bought it but i ended up liking it.

 I wore these H&M shoes that I love so much. If you are keen enough you will notice that they are actually not ankle strapped. The straps are DIY, and I had fun making them.

My friend Janet decided to join in.  
Shoes-bus station
Jacket- thrifted
Accessories- DIY, gifts

Many thanks to my friend and classmate Kevin, he has been dutifully taking pics of me over the last few weeks and he is doing good job.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week.




Hello, Finally i have found it in myself to make my first post despite creating this blog over a month ago. I am fashion die hard fan. I love fabrics, and even more, I Love colors. I make it my duty everyday to add more color in the environment i am in. So, in this blog, i will post images of my style and other things that i like since i am a very artistic person. I look forward to interacting with u guys and learning much more from you. Welcome.

 First off, i will make a post of some of my recent outfits. Hope you like them.