Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Hi everyone.

Hoping that you have had a great week since i last posted.

Personally i have been well.

I am very much excited to make this post since it is one of my favorites. I wore it to school last week. It's the basic LBD with a little twist that i liked. The dress has some leather detail, so i went simple with the accessories (or not).

It was a very cold day and this jungle green coat with some touch of fur kept me warm. I wasn't so sure when i bought it but i ended up liking it.

 I wore these H&M shoes that I love so much. If you are keen enough you will notice that they are actually not ankle strapped. The straps are DIY, and I had fun making them.

My friend Janet decided to join in.  
Shoes-bus station
Jacket- thrifted
Accessories- DIY, gifts

Many thanks to my friend and classmate Kevin, he has been dutifully taking pics of me over the last few weeks and he is doing good job.

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your week.



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