Tuesday, December 09, 2014


Hello y'all.

Apologies for the past week of silence. I happened to have a huge lack of inspiration for my blog. I thought it would last more than a week (that's how bad it was), but am thankful that it wasn't for long. 

I know its a bit late to be saying this, but i'll say it anyway.....HELLO DECEMBER. 
December happens to be a special month for me cause it's the month I celebrate my birthday. For the longest time while growing up, my mom had me confused on my exact birth date. I celebrated it on so many different dates until I settled on December. My official(i.e. on my ID) B-Day is in January...This is to clear up the confusion that may come up for those who access my blog through my other social pages.

I've logged into my blog today after four days, and guess what.....I've reached over 1,000 page views. That's one great surprise, Thanks to all my readers.

Prepare yourselves for one picture heavy post...hope you enjoy it though.

My birthday week officially began on Sunday. My boo decided to take me out for ice cream. What better place to have ice cream on a Sunday afternoon than Cold Stone. I sampled the Berry Berry Good, and twas a whole new  experience. Add  a roof top to the equation and I was officially in a celebration mood. 

This time round I am not so excited about my birthday, but the accumulation of sweet gestures here and there has me ready to celebrate this past year of my life, later this week.

I recently discovered these Gold woven heels in the house. I have had them for over six months.
 As I've mentioned before, I do sell 2nd hand clothes and shoes as a hobby (mostly to friends). Got these heels with the intention of selling them, but that never happened.

A date out for ice-cream doesn't need much dress-up. So I went with destroyed jeans.
From the looks of it I did the destroying myself. I'd been searching for boyfriend jeans without luck. Then it occurred to me that I could work with my old jeans.

I put both my sisters to task and had them cut out the gaps, I only drew the lines for them. This happened some time in August, but I couldn't get myself to wear them until some weeks ago.

I went with this Atmosphere shirt...I have quite a collection of them. I've worn this red one several times before but this time I tacked it at the front for a rusty look to go with the jeans.

The view from the KICC rooftop is amazing, I could see all the way to Kitengela. This is a place I should visit more often.

This peace pose has creeped up on me as a result of being around my teenage can never grow old with young spirits around you.

I was really enjoying this waffle. I could eat them all day....although my skin would punish me dearly for that.

I was actually not posing with this one. I remember watching The Face, and Naomi Campbell tells her team that all it take is one lucky picture...well, this was a lucky one and I can't get enough of it. Everything fell into place without even trying.

I remembered the back view....yaaaay me!

The wind  had me totally in love with my hair. I've come to this place with my hair where I love everything about it and am very willing to take care of it.

I ran into my high school deskie and she was like .....'Aaaaaw, your hair has really grown'.
 Yes, back in high school my hair was the least well-kept, and I didn't give a care in the world. My Maths teacher once called me 'The girl with a crazy hairstyle' cause she didn't know my name. And everyone just turned to me cause it couldn't have been anyone else.

I look back now and am so proud of how far it has come, despite the wrong decisions here and there over the years....I could have done better, but I have my 2nd chance now.

My sister has been laughing at my new-found love for my hair, but am going strong anyway.

This gold anklet doubles as a bracelet and pairs well with the gold shoes.

I look back now, and I want to thank my sisters for the messy but good job they did with my trousers.The knees are my favorite part.

Any photographer knows that a staircase goes well with fashion photos. This one worked perfectly....I love the shot.

I tried, but am nowhere close to perfecting this shot. Ben Kiruthi definitely does a better job. But I'll keep trying whenever I can n let you know when I reach perfection.

If this doesn't describe happiness, I don't know what else can.

Glowing under the beautiful, clear skies.

It will take me a long time before I get over the excitement of this outfit. Its true what they say, 'Shoes can make or break an outfit'.

I love this shot...a lot. It's hard to explain why but it just brings out a different look, or maybe it's just me.

Believe me, I wasn't trying to hide. 

What can I say, these rocks really had me wanting one last photo for the day. It also makes the last for my post..what a coincidence.

Red Atmosphere shirt - Thrifted
Destroyed blue Jeans - Gikomba then DIY
Gold Woven Heels - Gikomba
Gold Anklet - Borrowed from Janet

Thanks for stopping by and reading through.

Make a birthday gal happy by sharing .... and tell a friend.

Have a fabulous week ahead. 



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  1. You look amazing :) The KICC view is just out of this world. I can go back everyday if I could

    1. Thanks Karen...I agree with u, the view is amazing.

  2. oh boy was I not prepared for a picture heavy post even though you warned me hehe
    wow!congrats with the daily page views!!xx
    p.s KICC is amazeballs

    1. Haha..Thanks Rhee. I really tried using less images.
      If I could, I'd visit the place more often.

  3. nice :)
    and the scenery is amazing xoxo

  4. Love the pants and the shoes look good.....
    Looking good all in all...

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks..glad you stopped by. I always love when I get a new blog to follow.