Sunday, January 04, 2015

Happy New Year Loves.

I sure hope you all are taking the year with as much enthusiasm as I am

The giveaway is officially closed, and am happy to congratulate Almasi Achieng, who won herself the black heels.

This outfit today is special to me. Why?

First, its the perfect bridge between 2014 and 2015 for me because it was worn on the last weekend of 2014 and am posting it on the first weekend of 2015. 

Secondly, the yellow color reflects exactly how i feel about the year that has just began. Its so bright and radiates happiness and joy...all the positive things. It's all about remaining positive and seeing the brighter side of things. I appreciate all that I've been through in 2014, the goals I didn't achieve and those that I did, the good and the bad and all the lessons I've learnt. At the end of the day, I have grown and I am a better Linet than I was same time last year.....yaaay me!!!  

Thirdly, five years ago I'd never have thought of myself in this asymmetric pattern. In fact, it was the only one I loathed so much. Look at me now, rocking it like there's no tomorrow. Well, life sure can surprise you, and Yes it's okay to adjust your perspective on things once in a while, its so refreshing.

Started off in my ankle strap flats. They are so comfy and chic, very trendy and versatile. I've worn them before in this post.  I wanted to have a view of the dress from the flats and heels perspective. I love both styles.

Ask anyone around me and they will tell you just how much I love being around nature. The different shades of green in this forested area were the perfect background for this dress. They make it pop more.

I then changed into these white strapped block heels. If I mentioned the price at which I got them , your jaw would just's too early to have our facial skin sagging on us, we wouldn't want that. Just know that they worth every single shilling.  

Loved this shot. There's just something about it. For my necessities I'd go with this beige and gold bag. Mum got me this bag a few weeks ago and am so grateful to her. Am loving it so much.

These shoes are so chunky and fun to work with. And they so white, of late white just dares me. I've bought so many white items over the last two months and these shoes are just a tip of the iceberg.

For accessories, this pearl and chain neck-piece was my choice. It has a white-creamy shade that went so well with the embroidered part of my dress. 

I went with a pink shade on my lips. When I first started using lip color, pink didn't compliment my skin tone at all. But I discovered that the pink shades closer to purple look better on me.

The wide-brimmed sunhat fit into the holiday vibe that came with the dress so well. 

If I only I could swirl and turn in these shoes and not lose my stability.  I love the asymmetric pattern on the sides of the dress. It gives it a different high-low feel. 


Felt so right. :)

My walk towards 2015, to better things and more dreams to turn into realities. 

Yellow chiffon dress - Gikomba.
Brown belt - Gikomba.
Ankle strapped flats - Ng'ara
White strapped Shoes - Thrifted.
Neck-piece - Dubois.
Sunhat - Gikomba.
Sunglasses - Stage Market.

There you have it grand entrance to 2015. 

Its a brand new month for my blog, and I hope to see more of the support you have shown me in in 2014. I promise you more and even better content. 

Thanks for stopping by.



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  1. Beautiful shoes ...I love them

  2. almasi is so lucky!!lol
    and that are rocking it-stay slaying!xx

    1. Yes she is.
      Your absence here has been noticed, glad you back.

    2. sorry..barely had time to do my own posts..but now im sorta free.. :-)

    3. It's ok, that past month had everyone very busy.