Sunday, December 14, 2014


Hi y'all.

Hope you having a great time with all the festivities going on.

I've had these pictures for quite some time. I have in store a crop top series, but til then, this post will keep you engaged.

With this outfit, I went back to basics and did plain ol' black and white.

These huge fabric earrings have been missing from my collection for the longest time. When I found them, they fit perfectly with my color combination. The earrings also created a good cover-up for my 'a little too bare' neck.

The high-waist black tights covered up most of my belly skin, which made the crop top very decent 'for my standards and comfort'.

Thank the Lord I was in bright colors. My love for nature led me away from the sunlight this time round. 
I lay my eyes on these shoes in Ng'ara and I knew I had to have them. The tiny diamond details caught my eye and wouldn't let go. The ankle strap had me hooked too.

Being around the beauty of nature always has a soothing effect. Makes you want to throw all your troubles to the wind...once in a while.

I have tens of tens of crop tops. I can't get enough of them. My vendor has long noted this weakness I have and he has them stocked every single time such that I always end up with one or more each time I visit his stall for tops. However, on this one occasion, I was trying so hard not to buy a crop top and he just gave me this white one. 

What I love about it: 
1. The straps. They so cute.
2. The side details. If you have been wearing crop tops as long as I have, you realize that once in a while its better to show less skin. The side extensions make this effortlessly possible.
3. The height. It's neither too long nor too short, you decide how much belly skin you want to show with it. In my upcoming crop top series you'll see just how many variations there can be to a crop top.
4. The fabric. For a sunny day, light fabrics always work best.

Its about time I introduced this clutch to the world. I'm in love with everything about it. I got it from my friend Liz:you can find her collection here. Its an envelope clutch and its orange..by now you all know how much I love colors. Its even more spacious than it looks.

White crop top- Thrift gifts.
Ankle strap flats - Ng'ara
Black tights - also worn here and here.
Black fabric earrings- old
Orange Envelope clutch bag - Lizzie's Boutique & Fashions

Have a great time loves...Till the next, enjoy this one.

As always, glad you stopped by.



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  1. i don't wear my crop tops, gosh the tummy here lol
    wearing your look well


  2. Thanks dear. I've worked my way around every single crop top I own.
    You should wear yours too.

  3. Your blog is amazing! Hope you could visit mine too :)

    1. Thanks Jenina....I'll most definitely visit your blog.

  4. Pretty outfit! <3 Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog, always returning the support!


    1. Thanks Louise.
      I still don't remember how I came across your blog, but am glad I did. Your style is amazing.
      Thanks for the support.

  5. Hi Linet! The white crop top is awesome! And I enjoyed looking at your photos! Great!

    Jessica | notjessfashion.com

    1. Thanks Jessica. Love your blog too, your current style has me wishing for 'winter'...weird,right?

  6. Looking good...


  7. the crop top mami!!


  8. The clutch is gorgeous. I've really been thinking about stepping my clutch game up lately. I wear a lot of all-black and I think adding a nice clutch would give it just the right amount of detail. BTW - your skin is flawless. If you haven't yet, you should do a skin routine :)

    Z. | J. POTTER

    1. Thanks doll :)
      Clutch bags are good accessories, bold colors work best for me...I'll look out for yours on your blog.
      About the skin routine, I've been working on my skin for some time now - just a little bit further n it will be in good condition to blog about.

  9. Love your sense of style!