Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Photos by Glory.

Hi loves.

Its a great day and I decided to do a last minute post after I stumbled on these pictures that I've had for over an year now...hence the title 'Memory lane'. 

Thought I should give you a little insight on what my style looked like some time ago.
 Plus, I've to admit, these pictures mean so much to me, they remind me of what friendship is about, how fun it is to dress up and catch up with a friend, and lastly, how late I ended up getting home after an afternoon of dressing up...but it was all worth it.

I'm tapping into the past because this weather calls for cute little dresses to get us through the scorching heat (in Nairobi)....although am having a bit of a hard time dressing up cause right now am all about indoors, series and relaxing. These pictures are perfect for the post I never dressed up for.

Since it's a last minute post, I did not do much editing. I apologize for the images ....enjoy it though.

So, this is my friend Glory, we go way back. I had taken time to visit her and catch up....this should  explain why everything here belongs to her except the dress.

 This was a dress on sale, but I ended up owning it after that cause I loved it so much. Loved these earrings too...reminds me that I should get in touch with my 'fun accessory side'.

 I wore these two pairs of boots, both of which brought a different feel to the dress. I like the 'ankle boot' look more, makes my legs longer and slender.

 However, feel free to wear flats for a more casual and relaxed look.

She happened to have this huge green belt, it was the perfect accessory, very loud. 

Glory went with this wrap dress....loved it. The lace detail on the shoulders was a plus, it made the dress more fun. 

 Well, these knee-high boots were well utilized in this particular dress-up session...that's because they go so well with everything.

Dresses - Gikomba.
Everything else (shoes & accessories)  - Glory

Thanks for stopping by.

Have a great week ahead.



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  1. Nice boots dear
    i'm following you, kindly follow back

  2. Very nice pict dear ª!!! I like your blog good discover !! ;)
    Just an advice you will look perfect turning the pictures ;) If you want I can help you with blogspot

  3. boots on point :)

  4. i wish i was all about the series and indoor chilling like you are!xx
    love the boots

    1. relaxed moments were short-lived dear, reality hit me hard mid last week (back to class).
      Thanks for stopping by.