Thursday, January 08, 2015

Photos by Kevin Cheptala
Hi loves,

In between exams today and a few errands here and there, I found time to take these pictures. And right now am squeezing in even more time to post before I read for my exam tomorrow...wish me luck.

My oh my, am I not glad to finally use this hashtag (#ootd). This is the first time I've been able to post an outfit same day I wore it. 

For a casual yet chic look, I wore:  destroyed jeans, beige crop top , TOPSHOP jungle green side zip jacket and H&M wedges.  

If I wasn't so excited about the hashtag, this post would be the second in the crop top series. This crop top is very manageable even for the most shy of us. My destroyed jeans are not high waist but the crop top is long enough to cover lots of skin.

I toned down my accessories to a pearl bracelet and earrings since I was in several colors....pairing all these colors together without a care actually turned out well, I love it.

A little story about this jacket. 
As you all know, I love thrift shopping - I'll do it anytime anywhere if it pleases me and doesn't hurt my pocket.

One evening after dark, I walked past the guys who sell me jackets (I'm a very faithful shopper, treat me right as your customer and I'll be a return customer till you tire of me) and asked them if they had something for me. They gave me this jacket.  It was so dark so all I could do was feel it and all I felt was how light it was & a side zip...and that was enough. 

Lets just say that I was not disappointed when I got home, It was the right fit, and the side zip allowed it to drape very well when open. 

Enough of my ramblings....back to the outfit.

 Just a few more colors and I would have been a walking rainbow...but do I care? I don't..cause if it makes me happy then it has to work.

On a more serious note: apart from working with high waist bottom pieces when wearing crop tops, you can also cover up with a stylish jacket/blazer/coat or a shirt. This makes you less conscious if you are shy with showing skin.

I'll leave you with this fierce image...imagine I was a lady advertising that handbag [my dreams are valid, right?]...works for me.

Crop top - Thrifted
Destroyed jeans - Very Old (from Ngara)
Jacket - Thrifted
Shoes - Bus Station

As always, thanks for stopping by.

Have a great week ahead muffins.



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  1. Love the look, bag is beautiful :-)


  2. First I would like to say I am so glad I met you yesterday ....second you look good though I can't stop looking at your shoes ....I love them ...what kind of camera do you use.

    1. Thanks. Glad I met you too.
      Those shoes are just adorable and I don't regret buying them despite the circumstances that led to that.
      About the camera, I don't own one, so I use phone cameras if they take a good shot. These were taken using a Huawei.

  3. nice pants.. lovely bag

    1. Thanks MJ. Think it's about time those pants exited my closet, they so old.