Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hello loves, how has your week been since the last post?  Hope it was good and fulfilling.

Mine has been a little busy. Won some cosmetics from this giveaway, went on some retail shopping and had time to spend with my two sisters who are away in boarding school. I miss them already.

These pictures were taken by my younger sister Rachel when I went to visit her in school....she did a great job. Thanks Siz.


Moving on to the outfit. 
This look was inspired by an simple monochrome look. Still working on an all white look, so don't confuse this for one such.

When I first saw this Kimono, I was intrigued by the sheerness and the high-low effect on the back. I'll never walk away from a piece with a unique back detail, call it a weakness. It has a soft pink hue to it which almost looks white in the sunlight.

Paired it with white skinny pants (worn here) and  white strapped shoes (worn here) . For some reason I felt the need to have accessories. Of course I went with a red & gold theme..who would I be if I didn't.

Enjoy the pictures, and don't forget to leave your thoughts in the comments section.

I had just landed on this black lip color the previous day, been looking for it over the last year....this was a test drive. My love for dark lippies lives to see another day. What do you think about this color?

White Kimono - Thrifted, Kshs 50.
White pants - Thrifted, Kshs 100. Also worn here.
Shoes - Thrifted, Kshs 200. Also worn here.
Accessories - Old and very randomly purchased.
Neck piece - Stage Market, Kshs 200.

Thanks for stopping by loves.

Look out for more later this week.

Have a fun time and stay stylish till the next post.

As always, thanks for stopping by.



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  1. where do i start dia ....the top gorgeous, the lipstic awesome can't even describe short you look wonderful as always... keep the fashion world going...

    1. Your comments are always uplifting. Thank you.

  2. I want to steal this look everything looms amzing.... I love love love.... PERFECTO DOLL perfecto...

    1. Thank you Almasi....your positive comments are always appreciated.
      Glad you stopped by.

  3. love it...I love an all white look

    1. Thanks Sophie, there's just something about white.

  4. totally love the whole look

  5. Totally love the monochrome white..first time here :-)

  6. Totally love the monochrome white..first time here :-)