Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Hi everyone.

Prepare yourselves for one long will be worth your while.

Beginning on a high note, let me talk about Hello Food, an online food delivery service that will make your life so much easier. Thanks to this post from Lucia Musau, I am now aware of this service. To participate I have to answer the following questions....wish me luck.

1.How does online food delivery make your life easier? 
Personally I've never tried online food delivery. But it would make my life easier by saving me all the time and frustrations that come with cooking. Don't get me wrong..I love cooking but only the basic foods that my mother taught me. What I can't seem to get right is recipes. I can't remember a single time that I got a recipe right on the first try, and I don't have the patience to keep trying. It would be so much better to have the foods I crave for but can't cook delivered to me once in a while, without all the hustle.....right.

2.Having visited hello food, what did you think, what can be improved?
The hello food site is so welcoming. It is interactive and, they have the procedure spelled out for you, step by easy. Whats even better is they have quite a variety of cuisines and restaurants  to choose from.

It would be better though if they expanded the delivery services to other towns in the country or at least those in the outskirts of the city.

3.What more would you like to see more on ?
Lucia has quite an amazing taste and style...very inspiring . 

What I would like to see more on her blog is beauty videos and if possible her son/how to style boy kids....I thinks he's so adorable. 

Be sure to visit  and Lucia Musau for more details.

Today's post will features this amazing cape jacket outfit.

Am a fashion lover and very proud of that. For that reason, am very fascinated by unique outfit items. Am intrigued by colors, fabrics, texture, structure, buttons and anything that makes an outfit different and more fun.

That's the reason I own this very bold cape jacket. As if these two factors weren't enough to make it fun, I decided to add more themes to make it stand out for very therapeutic. Am having a serious affair with colors this month....its proving to be such a mood raiser.

Started off all geeky.

I love this bag..especially for the color...and how it fits so many things effortlessly. 

Yes....I do smile once in a while when taking pictures.

The reason why I love a cape Jacket is how easy it is to add a belt as compared to other jackets..but that's my opinion.

Half the time, I play safe when wearing bright colors. Since I have so many black clothes in my closet, a black base is usually the first choice. For a less dull look without the cape jacket, I paired sheer, leather and stretch textures. The statement necklace was a much needed accessory with this look.

Since I had no earrings to match the neck piece...I went all gold with everything else...didn't think it would work but it turned out so well. The gold button bracelet is actually a DIY from antique buttons and an elastic thread....very easy.

Am always talking during the photo session.

Even more fun is how I managed to knot the sheer top...loved the effect. This would work without belting the jacket. The knot and the belt did't work well for me....maybe because they both landed on the same waist.

Cape Jacket- Thrifted
Sheer top, Belt & Shoes - Gikomba
Pants - Thrifted
Bag - Thrifted
Neck  piece - Maasai Market

That's all for today ladies and gents.

I highly doubt that I'll be posting again before I wish you all a Happy one, make it count, make it memorable and stay stylish.

As always, thanks for stopping by.



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  1. OMG!! You look so lovely! Swooning over this look!
    xoxo, Vanessa

    1. Thanks V....loved the challenge that came with it.

  2. That neck piece is to die for......I Love it love it love it.....this looks maga amazing.....wait this is no phone right ....the picture as look amazingly awesome.....I love it......

    1. Hey Almasi, I agree on the necklace..I should do Maasai market more often.
      You better believe it...the pics were taken using a phone, the Alcatel Idol Alpha.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Your pantsss!lol i've been looking everywhere for these part - leather pants!And is that a burgundy lip colour??I LOVE that colour though i rarely wear lipstickk!heehe

    1. Hi Maryam, thanks for stopping by.
      I got these pants from my top vendor, so I could say they are thrifted.
      That's burgundy mixed with some dark brown on my lips, it's my favorite lip color though. But you should try lipstick. It's the one make-up product you'll never my opinion.

  4. amazing can't even begin to describe your look