Sunday, March 01, 2015

Photos by Kevin Makau.

Hi dear readers.

Today marks the beginning of yet another month as this year ceases to be young.

It is my wish that we are all where we want to be an in the best of spirits. 

I'll try keep this post short so let me get straight to it.

You ever had an obsession with something such that you never miss any opportunity there is to get it? Am sure each of us has such obsessions more often than not. That's my relationship with trench coats. Am so obsessed with them, the more different it is the better. So you can imagine how elated I was when I laid eyes on my very first sleeveless trench sometime last year. 

That was the beginning of my collection, never mind the fact that I rarely wear them. I have around 4 so far, three of which are trench dresses. This one doubles as a normal trench and when am in the mood I'll wear it as a trench dress (one of the few instances when I appreciate my height).

On this occasion, it is worn as a normal sleeveless trench. Paired it with a long sleeved lace crop top and black pants. The hat brought in a much needed fun effect.  

This outfit is pretty easy to pull of on one of those days when you don't really feel like dressing up to school. Be casual and throw on some of your favorite pieces,see if it works. Worked for me.

This is yet another way to wear your crop tops in a more conservative manner. Cover up so you feel more comfortable if need be, it can be your tiny little secret for the rest of the day.

Very glad that I found the lip colors that work best for me. Now I can't be without must have beauty product.

Finally, remember to relax, sit back  take time to enjoy your work. Appreciate and be thankful for where you are, not all of our efforts are in vain. 

Crop Top - Thrifted. Kshs 50
Pants - Thrifted. Kshs 250
Trench - Thrifted. Kshs 100
Shoes - Moms.
Hat - Thrifted. Kshs 50.

Note of Appreciation: Do not hold back in whatever you wish to pursue, each day in life is a risk. There's never an excuse good enough to not go after your dreams. 
Looking back now am glad I started this blog around 5 months, despite the highs and lows the journey has been good so far thanks to all the people who have taken time to read through my posts, the people around me who have kept me strong, and made an effort to make each post happen.Thank you.

Thanks for stopping by.

Much Love,

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  1. CUTE

  2. This look is very simple & laid back. Love it.

    1. Thanks Sharon, simplicity is the best way sometimes.

  3. Hat at 50/-noooo way.... I want wbere was this btw i love this......

    1. Yes way...the glory of thrift shopping.
      Bought it in the streets of Mlolongo, there's lots of treasures there btw.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Love the trench coat and the way you've paired it, too cute

  5. You look great! I love your crop top! The sleeveless trench is perfect.
    Obsessed Fashion Blog