Friday, March 18, 2016

Photography: Ngash Sage Photography

Hi loves,

I hope you have all been fairing well since the last post.  In all honesty I originally thought I would post more during my pregnancy. I have had all the time in the world and enough content to put on the blog. However, in between losing my phone (with it I lost my contacts and 70% of my day to day bump pictures which sucks: I learnt my lesson, back up as often as possible) and this being the last few weeks of my pregnancy.....I made the decision to keep away from social media for a while.  This post is just an update on what I’ve been through in the last few weeks.

I did try to keep it short and I hope you do enjoy the post.

My pregnancy so far has been good; I appreciate every single moment and the emotions that come with it. However, since the baby turned to upside down position my bump has taken a very unflattering shape that doesn’t rhyme with the rest of my body. Don’t get me wrong, I love my bump.....but in all honesty to myself, my pregnancy body right now isn’t the most flattering. Even worse, during my most recent check-up my weight hit a record high of 75kgs (almost 20kgs added) and the thought of losing weight after now seems more of an uphill climb than I expected.

Other than that, everything else has been fine. With all this time on my hands I’ve gravitated towards baby shopping and bonding with the baby. The baby’s kicks are much stronger now; I literally see the kicks when the bump moves. Baby shopping has been so much fun for me, I find baby clothes extremely adorable. It became much easier after I learnt my baby’s gender. Before that I was shopping blindly and was very biased to one gender however much I tried to find neutral and unisex items. Even better, I love that my mum and sister accompany me each time for shopping. It really warms my heart to see how excited they are and I appreciate the huge support they have been to me during this period.

This is the final stretch with approximately a month to go.....give or take two weeks. I feel like the baby could pop out any minute and am just hoping it can hold back just a little bit longer till am done with my bump shoot. After that am ready for my bundle of joy anytime, so very ready. In the mean time, I’ll complete my shopping list and continue to learn more about child birth and newborns.......I’m overwhelmed by all the things I didn’t know despite having actively raised my kid sister.  Anyway, always keep an open mind because there is so much to learn out there not just baby stuff; that just happens to be my share right now. You could be going through an entirely different situation but it does help to keep an open mind and be positive about it.

The pictures in this post were taken last year but I find this dress very fun and appropriate for the weekend. Switch up the shoes and hair to fit different occasions depending on your plans. 

Dress: Bus Station | Shoes: Lizzies Boutique Fashions 

I absolutely love these shoes; the color, and how they elevate my silhouette. 
I can't say the same about walking in them........but I try....Lol.

I wish you all a great time through the weekend and till the next post, hopefully soon.

Much love,


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  1. Awesome post Linet, Good the journey has been well and it is with the bundle of joy that should make things more fun in future. Wish you well.

  2. Much love, Linet. Glad to read this update that all is well. And don't worry at all, breastfeeding and a little exercise later will do wonders for your body! Just concentrate on the bonding as you are doing.

    Anyway, I'm in love with these beautiful shoes and dress! <3

  3. Great to see an update from you, Linet! And the dress is beyond beautiful!

  4. Linet i love your simple and feminine outfit! You beautiful!
    Greetings from Romania!

  5. love your dress!! :)

    Please check my Blog!! :)

    Alessa Bernal :)

  6. Nice photos, you look so lovely in that dress. baby clothes are always so adorable.

  7. very pretty pregnancy look ! You don't even look pregnant.

  8. Hi Linet, I'm sure the baby came and congratulations are in order. Take care darling.

  9. This floral dress is perefect for summer time! Congratulations for baby!
    Greetings from

  10. Aw you look so beautiful, loving the floral! You seem really lovely too, I would love to follow each other and stay in contact.. let me know if you want to! x